What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is a global marketplace ensuring a set of social and environmental standards are met throughout the supply chain during the production of goods. This means artisans are paid a fair trade wage, operate in safe working conditions, and have a say in the work they do.

Fair trade aims to empower consumers to make conscious and sustainable purchases that support their values and have a positive impact on people and our planet.

Shop local. Think global.

Who is Fairly Traded?

Fairly Traded is a Canadian-based marketplace of consciously curated goods. We focus on community education, making local and global connections between artisans, vendors, and consumers. We provide a space for mindful consumers to support local businesses and global artisans — all while having a positive impact on people and our planet!

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Fairly Traded is more than just a marketplace. We offer support and resources to help you grow your business on your terms, increasing the positive impact you can have on the world.

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