Our Story

We believe that everybody has the power to make a difference in our world. We put the power of change at your fingertips.

A Fairly Modern Approach

The demand for consumer transparency and harmless goods in everyday life has never been higher — and we can all play a role in supporting communities around the world and at home.

Fairly Traded offers beautiful, high quality products that you can feel confident in. 

Fairly Traded advocates for local entrepreneurs and global artisans by connecting them with a market of mindful consumers. We believe in conscious commerce as a force for good in the world and are providing a community to grow this underserved market.


Melanie is an expert in all things fair trade. From a young age, she acquired a strong sense of social responsibility through impactful Habitat for Humanity trips with her parents. In college, inspired by a child labor documentary, she led a two-year campaign to get the university Fair Trade Certified. Further building upon her passion, Melanie spent four months in Uganda experiencing what fair trade practices look like in person. Upon returning to Ontario, she knew it was important to find a career that aligned with her her values and put the wealth of knowledge she gained abroad to enact change. Melanie managed a Ten Thousand Villages store while also volunteering at trade shows in between. Her experiences with fair trade ignited a lifelong ambition to advocate for local entrepreneurs and global artisans. Melanie is now establishing a marketplace that believes in conscious commerce as a force for good in the world.

When she’s not raising awareness about the importance of the fair trade business, Melanie is a salsa dancer, a mindful meditator, and avid baker. She loves spending time with family and any excuse to go to the beach. On a typical day, you can find her working from her backyard while listening to Bossa Nova music with a tasty cappuccino in hand.