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Thanks to all of you who tuned into our Instagram Live with Adila from The Good Tee and Source my Garment yesterday!

Wow- it was such a great conversation jam packed with information about fair trade, organic, sustainability etc. I could listen to Adila forever and pick her brain about all my supply chain questions.

We referenced a lot of companies/resources doing great work in this space and I know it’s hard to keep track of everything on live videos. So I thought I would put together a little reference guide from this chat!

Click on any of the titles below and they will bring you to the website of the business mentioned.

First up, here’s a little blurb about Adila and her businesses:

The Good Tee:

“The Good Tee offers sustainable fashion basics and customizable blank t-shirts. Our fair trade organic clothing is fully traceable from farm to the warehouse. We minimize our footprint and measure our impact. Together making a difference.”

“We help fashion businesses and apparel brands create responsibly made clothing. Our mission is to empower all brands, both big and small, to responsibly manufacture products. By helping fashion brands to stitch sustainably into everything they do, we have the power to be a ‘force for change.’"


Also, thanks to everyone for all of your great questions throughout the call. Here are the topics and organizations we talked about:

1. Adila discussed how important transparency is to her and how she uses Green Story to share this with customers:

Green Story

“Green Story increases sales, conversion and loyalty for green products by showing positive impacts through interactive visuals and widgets.”

2. We talked about Fashion Revolution Week and the #whomademyclothes campaign:

Fashion Revolution

“We campaign for a clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry. We do this through research, education, collaboration, mobilisation and advocacy.”

3. Someone asked, “How is The Good Tee fair trade certified?”


FLOCERT supports sustainable businesses by making sure supply chains are built on fair practices and they guide ethical producers, traders and brands.”

Fair Trade Canada

“Fairtrade is a movement for change that works directly with businesses, consumers and campaigners to make trade fair for farmers and workers. The international Fairtrade system represents the world's largest and most recognized fair trade system. We are a global organization working to secure a better deal for farmers and workers.”

4. We also got the question of which major brands are making progress towards sustainability:


“Patagonia, Inc. is an American clothing company that markets and sells outdoor clothing. The company was founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973 and is based in Ventura, California.”

Eileen Fisher

“Clothes are where we start. We believe they should be ethical, timeless, well-made clothes designed to work together, wear effortlessly and be part of a responsible life cycle.”

People Tree

“People Tree, the fair trade fashion pioneer and online garment retailer. We make our clothes from environmentally-friendly materials including Fairtrade certified organic cotton and natural dyes and use traditional handicraft skills whenever possible.”

5. Which local brands do you know that prioritize ethical sourcing:


“Encircled is a Canadian-made, sustainable and stylish women's clothing brand. You can have a wardrobe that does it all. Our high-quality clothing is comfortable, travel-friendly and ethically-made in Toronto, Canada.”


“This is fashion for real life. We reduce our environmental impact through eco-friendly fabrics, ethical manufacturing, lasting quality and a less is more mindset. Miik is proudly made in Canada.”

Leave Nothing But Footprints

“We believe that earth is a gift, given to us to be cherished. At LNBF, we use sustainable and earth-friendly fibres in all our products, including organic bamboo, organic cotton, and tencel.”

6. Where can I find a directory of sustainable brands?

Sustainably Chic

“Sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog by Natalie Kay. Featuring eco-friendly & ethically made clothing, skincare and home decor for the conscious consumer.”

7. Do any brands use your blank tees for printing on?

Lovbird Design

“A Lovbird t-shirt is a feel good, happy, healthy choice that uplifts your spirit, and spreads love. With organic fabrics, eco-friendly dyes, verified fair trade manufacture, and artful design, our LOVBIRD t-shirts are pure originals.”

8. How are dyes and textiles organic certified?

GOT certification

“The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) was developed through collaboration by leading standard setters with the aim of defining requirements that are recognised world-wide and that ensure the organic status of textiles from harvesting of the raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing all the way to labelling in order to provide credible assurance to the consumer.”

9. How can we support you during this time?

The Good Tribe

Adila is working on a newsletter right now! You can sign up for it on her website here:

10. How did Melanie get involved in fair trade?

The Dark Side of Chocolate documentary

"Journalists investigate child trafficking in the Ivory Coast and show how it fuels the worldwide chocolate industry."


To catch the full conversation head over to my IGTV on Instagram!

Thanks Adila for this enriching interview, I so appreciate the time you took to share your knowledge with us!

April 30, 2020 — Melanie Vert
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