The Omwana Box


The Omwana Box (Omwana is the Ugandan word for baby) is a beautiful gift for new moms. We wanted to create something that honours and helps new moms around the world. During my trips to Uganda and other developing countries I have seen a common love and bond between mothers.

We all want to keep our babies safe and healthy. I believe every birth is a miracle and even under the best of circumstances things can go wrong. Personally I delivered my youngest son two months early and required an emergency c-section and a life saving blood transfusion. My son spent weeks in the NICU and I am grateful to God that he came home strong and healthy. My first grandson was born with an infection that was caught before he went septic. He too spent almost two weeks in the NICU before his recovery.

I work with women in Uganda and Moyaa Shea Butter is making a difference through Fair Trade and safe working conditions but not everyone is fortunate enough to be involved in our Shea cooperatives. Many women lack basic necessities that are needed when they deliver their babies and we wanted to help. We created the Omwana Box that will not only delight the recipients of the box but will provide a new mom in Uganda with the things she needs to lower the risk of infection. The kit will include soap a basin, a covering for the baby, underwear, reusable pads and other personal care items for mom and baby.

Our Omwana Gift box will include a beautiful starfish rattle handmade by a Fair Trade women's cooperative in Bangladesh. These women are paid fair wages and have the opportunity to bring their babies to a safe and happy work environment instead of being separated and work long hours in garment factories notorious for poor conditions. The box also includes a 2oz shea butter, a shea soap (both unscented and safe for both mom and baby), bath salts for after mom's six week checkup to celebrate with some quality alone time, and a luscious lip balm to keep hydrated after all those baby kisses.  

Each box contains information on the products and a beautiful story about the boy and the starfish.

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