Soft Sunset Upcycled Pure Silk Satin Pillowcase

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Reasons to switch to our 100% Pure Silk Satin Pillowcases


  • Battling allergies and sensitive skin is a thing of the past with the hypoallergenic properties of silk


  • A rare protein, one of two found in the production of silk, naturally repels dust mites without you having to worry.

Less Friction

  • Ever woken up with a sleep crease? As skin ages, it loses elasticity and sleep creases - which are caused by friction and pressure on facial skin.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Our pillowcases are fair-made by our artisans using vintage pure silk satin fabric

There is no better feeling than the soft, smooth and luxuriousness of silk against your skin when you go to bed at night!

Please note
Each pillowcase is cut from a different part of the sari so no two pillows are absolutely identical, but they will be similar.

Pillowcases are approximately 29" x 20" and have a pocket closure to hold your pillow in place.

We Are Fairly Traded

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