Leafii Journal


Leafii products are made from sustainably sourced teak leaves. They are soft to the touch but extremely strong while preserving their naturally beautiful patterns. Water resistant, stain resistant, and high tear strength material. Leafii works with a small Thai artisan community with common eco values and ensure sustainable practices and fair wages.


Paper and leaves-- both from trees and back together again in the form of these beautiful notebooks

Inside book can be swapped out for a new one when you're done with it just pop the cover off and replace with either A6 or A5 notebook

2 sizes: A6 17x11cm (small); A5 23x17cm (large)

*item may not be exactly as shown as each item has its own unique patterning and shading based on natural variations and positioning of the leaves

We Are Fairly Traded

We are a Canadian-based marketplace of consciously curated goods, focused on on community making local and global connections between artisans, vendors, and consumers.