Hello, Sweet-Tea! | Organic Black Loose Leaf Tea | Ancho Chili and Cacao


Mysterious, exciting, and ... well, I’d say more, but - spoilers!

Greet this smooth, spicy and chocolately black tea with universal admonition each time you are sitting down to tea with friends or foes. Laced with ancho chilis and red peppercorns you'll get a surprising kick with this bold tea - the perfect base for travelling time and space, and once you've tried it, it will be like loving the stars themselves.

Our blend of Scottish Breakfast Tea with its rich, dark flavours has been combined with delicate star bursts of scotch heather, Ancho chilis, cinnamon and cacao for an unforgettable blend to get you going with lively citrus notes and an aire of smoky fragrance.

We Are Fairly Traded

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