Healing Hearts Black Obsidian and White Onyx Pendants

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Black and white,  — two handcrafted heart-shaped pendants in Black Obsidian or White Onyx.

Known as the "Stone of Self Mastery," black obsidian encourages self-control and wise decision making. It helps to reorganize imbalances in the soul and offers protection during times of change.

The soft angelic energy of white onyx purifies negative energy ushering in positive vibes and joy. Known as the "Stone of Strenght," white onyx strengthens your mental power, helping to release stress and nervousness.

Worn individually or paired together, Healing Hearts Pendants are sure to elevate your style. Handcrafted by artisans in Northern Pakistan. 

*Comes with a sterling silver 30in box chain. 16in chain available for purchase separately.** Each pendant is sold individually.


  • Black Obsidian - endurance, self-control, protection during change
  • White Onyx - release stress, grounding, positive vibes
  • Pendant approx 1 inch in length
  • Sterling Silver Chain with spring lock
  • Handcrafted by artisans in Pakistan
Handcrafted by Shafqat. To learn more about our artisans, click here.

*As this item is handcrafted, please expect slight variations

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