Hagrid's Hedgerow Harvest | Organic Loose Leaf Herbal Tisane | Rooibos and Be


A magical and enchanting rooibos tea with the flavour of fruity ripe berries for non-magical people of all ages and full of antioxidants and enchantments for a peaceful brew. You can't help but want to yell: Fragaria dulcet! (Sweet strawberries!) when you drink it.Note the sweet flavours of hedgerow berries like elderberry, rubus (raspberry), rose, fragaria (strawberry) and currant balanced with mild lavender and earthy scotch heather. All the fruits and berries you'd expect to find in a half-human, half-giant's garden!

Try it iced for a new summer cold beverage or as a spice in delicious fruit scones for tea. Use with a tea strainer or tea pot to avoid the mess.

Now with extra elderberry!

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