Coo Necklace


"Coo" means "to awake" in Acholi. The vibrancy of this necklace is a reminder of the feeling of being fully awake and embracing life. 

 This beautiful yellow necklace is made from recycled paper and handcrafted by former child soldiers in Uganda. 

Our world changing fashion is all individually handcrafted, and therefore small imperfections, differences in shape, size and colour can happen and are part of the charm of a handmade product - reminding us an actual person made this item just for you.


$5 from each necklace sold will be donated to Save the Children's Ukraine Crisis Appeal. From their website: 

Ukraine's 7.5 million children are caught in the middle of a war that is not of their making. Children there face grave risk of direct harm, displacement, family separation, trauma, loss of family income and prolonged interruption of their education - all after having already lived through eight years of conflict. 

There is no safe place in Ukraine right now. 

As children and their families endure the intensifying fighting or flee to neighbouring countries, they are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. Your support will help our teams provide: 

  • Winter kits of warm clothing and blankets
  • Cash transfers and voucher assistance to purchase food, medicine and other essentials
  • Psychosocial support and child-friendly spaces
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene programs
  • Access to primary healthcare
  • Education

Any war is a war against children. Please, act now. 

Save the Children Canada is a proud member of the Humanitarian Coalition and works alongside other members to raise funds to save more lives.

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